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Hi there,
If you’ve landed on this page I guess you’ve heard about me somehow and wanted to check out “who’s this Matt Jull guy?”
Or maybe you’ve Googled business mentors, business coach or maybe even “HELP!”
However you got here… Welcome!

If you’re looking for a business mentor great, let’s get you started with some resources
First, make sure you get a copy of my 3 Step Cash Flow Program.
In it you’ll get my selection of favourite strategies to grow your cash flow
Strategies you can choose from include increasing Cash (Step1)
Convert more customers (Step 2) and to Collect your money or how to automate money collection (Step 3) to be more precise

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Ray’s $9,000 A Month Profit Boost – Find Out More

March 21, 2017

"It's like a bible... I keep it in my car so I have it everywhere with me!" Is it just me... or is this weird...

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Pieday Friday – How a pie makes $8,000 extra cashflow for this Kiwi business

April 1, 2016

I love anything that adds cashflow to my bank account Especially simple ideas like this one Today is April Fools Day, and on this day...

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CRM’s – How Do I Know What Database Software Is Best For Me?

March 21, 2016

Which Database (CRM) Software Is Best For My Business The power of having a clean, up to date, database can't be overstated but what software...

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What I Wish I’d Known During My First Years In Business

When I sat down to write this book one of the images I had in my mind was of myself as an eager young 19 year old

I thought to myself “what did I need to know about business all those years ago to save myself a lot of heart ache, blood, sweat and tears?”

Back then there was no such thing as business coaches or business mentors

So I had to piece together each experience, the good and the bad, and figure it out as I went.

What would have helped me the most…

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Here Are a Few
Of The Great People I’ve Mentored.

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