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And how’s it s’posed to help grow my cash flow?

Ok so an Avatar…

Honestly, that’s a whole new topic

Without going into too much detail

(I’ll save the detail for another day)

Is just a way of describing your customer, your target market in more detail

Let me put it this way

Target Market is what we call a demographic

Where people live, eat, work, play

How old are they…

What sex/race are they…


Avatar’s are soooo much more powerful than target markets

Your Avatar gives a HUMAN FACE to your target market

Why do they buy from you?

What do they like about you?

What pisses them off about you market place/industry?

Whats their big fear or passion…

How are they motivated?

Knowing your avatar means you understand their biggest motive for buying

For example:

1 in 4 consumers are tightwads… They hate spending money on “extras” 

The rest are pleasure seekers… They love the gadgets and luxuries

When you figure out your avatars biggest motive for buying

Well then… You Just Unlocked A Flipp’n GOLD MINE

Its like been given the key to unlock their credit card (or cash)

The “Tightwads”, well they’ll focus on function and practicality 

So your message should reflect that

“This back massage can ease back your pain”

More liberal spenders, the “Pleasure Seekers” can be persuaded simply by focusing on pleasure

“This back massage will help you relax”

Get the message right for your avatar and your cash flow will grow

Let’s talk about you

You’re my Avatar

How do I know this?

I have one message – business…

Inside that message, I constantly talk about one thing – CASH FLOW

I’m 99.99999999…% sure you’re not a stalker

If you’re not a stalker, then you must be interested in more CASH FLOW

Cause that’s all I talk about

*In my messages that is… (I do have other interests lol)

Personally, I love helping people grow their business

I love watching their cash flow grow too

And I really, really love seeing them get total control over that growth and cash

I’d love to help you too

With a free Cash Flow Strategy Review

We can talk more about your Avatar

It might be the key to unlocking untold amounts of cash flowing into your bank account

It’ll only take 30 mins

And it’ll cost you nudda, zip, zero

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