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The B.SHT Report – How I Called B.SHT And Found The Money!

Ok, ok, ok

So yeah I like using naughty phrases to get attention

But there’s no BS here

This is a simple story

About how one business is turning around its fortunes

By calling out the B.SHT from its B.SHT report

Every business has a B.SHT report

It’s a monster of a report

Choca-block full of gold… or "bull’s" business

Unfortunately though, many choose to ignore it

Or don’t understand it

It’ll tell you if you’re sinking or swimming

And it’ll expose any lies about where the money’s at

I recently used the B.SHT Report to call out a client

A multi-million-dollar client

On their "Bull’s" Business

Let me set the scene

Three director shareholders

Multiple locations

They never find time to talk

Getting together to decide on direction is a major

One had taken the helm - by default

And made a bunch of decisions without a plan

Leading to a massive cash flow hole

The B.SHT Report told us all about the hole

Then shined a bright light into it (It's pretty deep… an’ we needed a massive light)

BTW If you haven’t figured it out yet

The B.SHT is also known as the balance sheet

But in this case, it was full of Bull S#@t

They were overstocked

Too many credit cards

Some of the cars are a little too flash

Basically over committed on too many fronts

Causing major cash flow probs

Sounds major, but it is fixable

That was a few months ago


The ship is safe from sinking

We dry docked her

To give her bottom a bit of a scrape

(Boat people will understand)

The partners are coming together

Holding board meetings every month

Quality conversations are becoming the norm

They're making better decisions

Based on regular reporting

Reading the balance sheet and other reports too

Like liquidity and sales reports, stock reports blah, blah, blah

Most importantly

They have a strategic plan

That they wrote

(Their first ever S.Plan)

It's based on what the balance sheet told them

The Balance Sheet... It’s a really, really, powerful report

When you know how to use it

This business will turn around

In fact I have every confidence that they’ll crush it!

Growing stronger, bigger and more profitable

The bigger the business

The more import the Balance Sheet report becomes

If you’re not up to date on how it works

I’d be happy to show you

You can schedule yourself a catch-up with me by flicking me an email or get in touch here

I’ll gladly help you out

Maybe you have partners too

But there’s no structure

No regular board meetings

No reporting


No Plan!

Happy to talk this through with you too

Let’s start with a 30-minute chat online

Get in touch here

Talk soon