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What I Wish I’d Known During My First Years In Business… And How To Profit From That Knowledge

When I sat down to write Profit Secrets Revealed, one of the images I had in my mind was of myself as an eager young 19 year old

I thought to myself “what did I need to know about business all those years ago to save myself a lot of heartache, blood, sweat and tears?”

Back then there was no such thing as business coaches or business mentors

So I had to piece together each experience I’d had during my short time as a business owner, the good and the bad, and figure it out as I went.

The good and the bad experiences, and figure it out as I went.

What would have helped me the most, was having someone with real experience show me how to make the most out of the basics.

  • Things like how to price my services and products properly in the market
  • How to convert customers on value not price
  • And maximise every opportunity to make a profit

And of course – how to consistently COLLECT my money every time

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There’s heaps of other really important stuff that I needed to know too.

  • Like how to understand the reports my accountant gave me
  • What to measure to make sure my business stayed on track
  • How to get it back on track if the worst did happen
  • And as my business grows where to invest in its growth
  • How to plan and what to plan for

I could go on about this stuff all day

Let me just say this

If you’re just starting out, READ PROFIT SECRETS REVEALED!


If you’ve been in business for years, READ PROFIT SECRETS REVEALED!

You’ll be glad you did

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