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Public Service Announcement: Up Front Apology If I Come Off Sounding Negative – I Promise To End With A Positive


99.99% percent of the time, it’ll never add value to your business

Or add dollars to your bank account

Which BTW is the real reason you want to do one, right?

Business plans are my rant…


It’ll suck the life out of yah small enterprise

A massive waste of time, energy an’ whats more… it’s mind numbingly boring… I’d rather watch snot dry

20 something Y.O. me tried it once (or was I 30ish…?)


Because a bank manager wanted me to

Well intentioned I’m sure


Had they ever done one before?

A real one I mean

Not some hypothetical business plans done for their uni degree


So why ask me to do one?

Well as I recall they had “a programme”

Stored on a flash new gizmo called a CDRom

(Yeah I’m that old)

It was meant, no doubt to add some extra form of value

But I suspect it was just another box ticked

By a lovely lady who was doing her job

(No offence to bank managers)


For a small, growing business – full-blown business plans were pointless

What I needed more than anything was this…

A simple, well-structured plan to “work on my business… not in it”

A plan so simple, yet so cunning

It focused me on results

Not writing the plan itself


One day I stumbled on just such a plan

The simplest business plan ever

And I want to make it free to all

It included just FIVE THINGS

Five simple things based on one simple question

Here’s that question

Write this down

Stick it on your wall…

The wall closest to your desk

This is where the Gold is

Here it is

Ask yourself

“What Are The Top Five Things I Need To Do This Quarter To Work On My Business Not In It?”

That’s it


It won’t take you hours

It won’t distract you

And it certainly won’t waste your talent

Now, all you have to do is write it down – THEN DO IT

Do those Top Five Things

NOTE: For the overachiever, I’ll give you this too

Once you’ve written down your Top Five Things

You can write “Five More Things To Exceed The Plan”

WARNING: Things can come undone

Plans don’t work unless you work them

You have to be accountable to it

If you’re not focused, it won’t work


Here’s where I give you a pot to put your gold in

When I first wrote my plan

My Top Five Things

I had a mentor to keep me on track

To critique my performance

Someone I paid to “make me better”

They were my “pot” for my “gold”

A bloody big pot they were at that

Always keeping me on track

Toward making my business better


Get yourself a mentor

To hold you to your plan

And once that plans done

They’ll make you write a new plan

To keep pushing you forward

Yes, I mentor some people

I’m not suggesting I be your mentor

What I will suggest is maybe I could be your mentor

If you like me… and… I like you that is

(Trust me, mentoring never works if there’s no mutual respect)


Let’s just talk

Let’s see if I can help you

(If I can’t help, I’ll tell you pretty quick)

Having a chat – costs nothing

All we’ll look for is a big pot for you to put your gold in

Let’s call it a Top Five Things Plan Review

We’ll do it online – in my private meeting room

You can book your Top Five Thing Plan Review HERE

I’ll even send you my personal template

The same one me and all my clients use for our plans

When you book in that is

Book A Session NOW

Looking forward to meeting you soon


BTW If we do like each other, I might even throw in a High-Level Strategy Planning Session for yah!

Book NOW and we’ll talk soon…