I’ve got to tell you about a call I had

Ring, ring the phone went (sounds nothing like that btw!)

My caller ID read “Greg Hills”

Greg is a guy who I mentored last year

A hungry, young guy who brought his business at the beginning of the year

Of course, I had to answer

“How’s it going Mr Hills” I said tongue in cheek cause I’m never that formal

“Mate I’ve got some news that I knew you’d want to hear”

"I just got my end of year financials..."

--- Let Me Stop Here & Put You In The Picture ---

Greg owns an upholstery business

He mostly sub-contracts to boat builders

Doing refits and some new builds

One of our conversations last year was about the cost of his materials

Some jobs cost a few hundred dollars

But some jobs cost tens of thousands

These big, expensive jobs leave him open and exposed

--- The Mentoring Conversation ---

“Greg, how much do you mark up your materials by?”

“I add 15% percent”

“So if you add 15% on those high-value jobs, how will you cover the costs of materials if something goes wrong?”

I let this sink in for a bit

We then went into a deep conversation about mark-up

The reasons why it should be higher

And... How to create pricing strategies to boost his cash flow

--- Back To The Phone Call ---

“Tell me your news, what’s happened”

“Mate I’ve just got my financials and there’s something you’ll be very happy about”

“My margin on my materials is 71%”



That’s Massive

I couldn’t be more proud…

I’m absolutely stoked for Greg He took my advice, ran with it and converted it into hundreds of thousands in real cash (Greg did almost a million in sales last year - up three times from the last owner)

You can probably tell by now, I get really excited about helping people succeed

And I love boosting Cash Flow

-- Help More People --

I’m looking for more people to help

To grow their cash flow

Here’s the guff…

I'm opening my appointment book with 30-minute one-on-one Cash Flow Strategy Sessions.

I'd like to help you... Why?

I'm on a mission

To help as many as I can

Get clear on their money making ability

And implement Cash Flow strategies

It’ll be safe, encouraging and motivating.

Simply book your 30-minute one-on-one strategy call

Talk soon…


BTW Greg also paid off a 6-figure business loan in year one - if you'd like to know how you can massively boost your cash flow like Greg did you should book NOW!