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15 Strategies to Smash Price Objections & Eliminate Discounting

August 3, 2017

This small business thinking really pisses me off I’m talking discounting Discounting… ’cause they can… just for the hell of it *Seriously, discounting is a powerful, deep dive, pricing strategy that should only be used by experts How many times have you been offered a discount… WITHOUT EVEN ASKING! Think about it Too often I […]

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July 29, 2017

My morning began with the phone going at 10.05 Anita’s on the line She’s one of my favourite clients Her business is growing really fast It’s a controlled, predictable growth Both online and in store Back to the call… “Matt I’ve got to tell you how last night went” Me… Quickly searching my memory – […]

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This Guy Paid Off A 6 Figure Business Loan In One Year

July 28, 2017

I’ve got to tell you about a call I had Ring, ring the phone went (sounds nothing like that btw!) My caller ID read “Greg Hills” Greg is a guy who I mentored last year A hungry, young guy who brought his business at the beginning of the year Of course, I had to answer “How’s […]

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Tiny Little Difference Can Smash “Cash Flow” Glass Ceilings

July 25, 2017

Sometimes, getting it RIGHT is so bloody hard Especially when our education system doesn’t teach you the basics right? (There are some excellent educators out there but the system is set up to train you to be a great worker NOT a great business owner) Rant over! Let’s Get It Right – OK By getting it […]

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July 24, 2017

And how’s it s’posed to help grow my cash flow? Ok so an Avatar… Honestly, that’s a whole new topic Without going into too much detail (I’ll save the detail for another day) Is just a way of describing your customer, your target market in more detail Let me put it this way Target Market is […]

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The B.SHT Report – How I Called B.SHT And Found The Money!

May 15, 2017

Ok, ok, ok So yeah I like using naughty phrases to get attention But there’s no BS here This is a simple story About how one business is turning around its fortunes By calling out the B.SHT from its B.SHT report Every business has a B.SHT report It’s a monster of a report Choca-block full […]

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April 20, 2017

Public Service Announcement: Up Front Apology If I Come Off Sounding Negative – I Promise To End With A Positive FORGET BUSINESS PLANS PERIOD! 99.99% percent of the time, it’ll never add value to your business Or add dollars to your bank account Which BTW is the real reason you want to do one, right? […]

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In Business I Love To F.U.C.C. Everyone

April 11, 2017

Hey Matt here Ok, so I normally tell stories about my favourite client successes Today’s a little different ‘Cause I want everyone to experience more cash cycling through their business Surplus Cash… Surplus after all the bills are paid I encourage you to do something you probably hate doing (Maybe you tell yourself you hate it […]

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April 11, 2017

Remember my last blog? When I told you about Ray the Mechanic… AND my moment of embarrassment! When he bounded up to me saying “Sole, your book it’s like a bible…” (Rays a cool Samoan guy so being called sole “bro” was an honour) I got to thinking about it If my books like a bible […]

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Ray’s $9,000 A Month Profit Boost – Find Out More

March 21, 2017

“It’s like a bible… I keep it in my car so I have it everywhere with me!” Is it just me… or is this weird opening line to a blog? Let me explain The other day, I ran into Ray from Autobahn, Grey Lynn and these were his exact words “Your book, I’ve read it […]

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Pieday Friday – How a pie makes $8,000 extra cashflow for this Kiwi business

April 1, 2016

I love anything that adds cashflow to my bank account Especially simple ideas like this one Today is April Fools Day, and on this day one Kiwi business is laughing all the way to the bank Enough, I’ll let the video to the talking Ok so maybe pies won’t work for your business (or maybe […]

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CRM’s – How Do I Know What Database Software Is Best For Me?

March 21, 2016

Which Database (CRM) Software Is Best For My Business The power of having a clean, up to date, database can’t be overstated but what software should you use? There’s a huge number of database software in the market with different levels of efficiency and reliability. Comparing them side by side I look at them like […]

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Christmas Gifts For Clients and Customers

December 7, 2015

So it’s that time of year… A time that I personally find a real pain in the arse – gift selection time! Every year I struggle to find a fitting gift for my clients, to me, it has to be in some way personal, to show how much I value them as clients. We’re not […]

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Customer Service 101 – LOVE THE CUSTOMER

October 14, 2015

  Here’s the biggest lesson for everyone who’s serious about learning to Love Your Customer Never tell them they’re wrong! Ok, so what I’m NOT saying here is that “the customer is always right” – because they’re not always right…  and I have to say “I Really Hate That Saying” An example of how poor […]

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Generation Motivators – Baby Boomers, Generation X and Gen Y – Read at Your Own Risk

September 23, 2015

Ok so if you’re a Boomer then most likely you’ll be committed, hard working and career focused – which has caused you to be tagged as workaholics by Generation X and Generation Y. The Baby Boomer work ethic is also characterised by dedication, loyalty and a willingness to stay in the same job for a […]

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Here’s 23 Ways To Make More Money By Doing Less

January 7, 2015

23 Strategies From My Book Profit Secrets Revealed That Are Proven To Make You More Money – Without Making Massive Changes 23 ways to make more money by doing less may sound simplistic but the truth is that if you focus more attention on your margins and selling higher margin items then you will make more […]

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How To Get The Best From Your Accountant

January 7, 2015

It’s always been my experience that the accountants I’ve met genuinely want the best for their clients and their businesses. Equally I’ve met a lot of people who do get great advice from their accountant but I probably meet more people who are in some way disappointed with their accountant. If you fall into the […]

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MARGIN – A Golden Secret Most People In Business Don’t Know About (Or Use)

January 7, 2015

This is the simplest but most powerful profit making formulas that every business owner should know but unfortunately it is rarely taught in any class room, course or educational facility (a fact that makes me mad) It is the under lying reason businesses fail to make a profit and before you learn anything about business everyone should […]

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