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July 24, 2017

And how’s it s’posed to help grow my cash flow? Ok so an Avatar… Honestly, that’s a whole new topic Without going into too much detail (I’ll save the detail for another day) Is just a way of describing your customer, your target market in more detail Let me put it this way Target Market is […]

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In Business I Love To F.U.C.C. Everyone

April 11, 2017

Hey Matt here Ok, so I normally tell stories about my favourite client successes Today’s a little different ‘Cause I want everyone to experience more cash cycling through their business Surplus Cash… Surplus after all the bills are paid I encourage you to do something you probably hate doing (Maybe you tell yourself you hate it […]

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Here’s 23 Ways To Make More Money By Doing Less

January 7, 2015

23 Strategies From My Book Profit Secrets Revealed That Are Proven To Make You More Money – Without Making Massive Changes 23 ways to make more money by doing less may sound simplistic but the truth is that if you focus more attention on your margins and selling higher margin items then you will make more […]

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