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Christmas Gifts For Clients and Customers

So it’s that time of year… A time that I personally find a real pain in the arse – gift selection time!

Every year I struggle to find a fitting gift for my clients, to me, it has to be in some way personal, to show how much I value them as clients. We’re not necessarily best buds, but they’re definitely more than just clients, they are a valued part of my business, individually and collectively. They’re great people and I care about all of them, so how does one show that in a gift?

How do you make a STATEMENT! without being too personal and without stooping so low as to give promotional items as gifts to your customers for Christmas.

This year we found a different way of doing things – instead of giving them gifts, we asked them to Give Christmas Gifts to Us. 

Ok so the Christmas gifts aren’t actually for us, they’re for a bunch of kids who have no one to give them Christmas presents. Yep, they’re orphans, no mum or dad or anyone else to give them presents on Christmas day.

You’ve probably got the idea by now that we asked our clients to give gifts to a charity this year (who doesn’t love giving to kids).

The idea isn’t all mine, I took the lead of friends and former clients Ingrid and Pat at Schupepe Tents who sponsor a charity called Dingwall Trust. The good people at Dingwall care for about 50 kids who don’t have families to look after them and this year we found out that the sponsor’s that normally give the kids Christmas presents had pulled out and the kids were going to get NOTHING for Christmas.

That got me and my wife thinking, how can we help the kids?

It was simple really, instead of giving our clients something they really don’t need we invited them to a client Christmas party and asked them all to bring along a “Gift For A Kid” and give they did… in fact hundreds of dollars worth of gifts for our charity, and they loved it, on a plus side they also got to socialise, meet new and interesting people, eat good food and drink a little.

So if you’re stuck for ideas and what to give your customers this Christmas have a watch of this video and I hope it gives you some inspiration to make your relationship with your clients that little bit stronger this year by creating an opportunity to do good for others this Christmas.

Enjoy 🙂