My morning began with the phone going at 10.05 & Anita’s on the line

Anita from Global Baby

She’s one of my favourite clients

Her business is growing really fast

It's a controlled, predictable growth

Both online and in store

Back to the call...

Global Baby - Anita - Mentoring Client
Anita from Global Baby a fav Mentoring Client

“Matt I’ve got to tell you how last night went”

Me… Quickly searching my memory – “where did Anita say she was going?”

I’ve been wrapped up in meetings with my other business

I must get present… fast!

Hoping not to sound like a dick

I come up with a quick question

“How’d you get on last night, Anita?”

“We’re finalists* in three categories for the retail awards”

Instantly I’m present - YAHOO

I love getting great news about other people results

What a way to start the day

Anita goes on to tell me she's a finalist* in

  • Best Small Retailer Business Award
  • Best Omnichannel Award
  • Best Visual Merchandising Award

Triple WOW

I have very strong hopes for Anita

Not only is she a cool lady

But she has very real controls over her growing business

Let me explain...

Last year her business grew 108%

This financial year already she’s grown over 60%

We have in place half weekly, weekly and monthly sales targets

Targets are a Pillar of Growth

If it looks to be slowing down

Even mid-week

We know exactly how to generate more leads

We’ve also identified the exact activity that guarantees growing sales

That gets big ticket items moving

All of this leads to more sales yes

But also increased cash flow

Which at the end of the day

Is why we do what we do in business right

Now, that cash flow has to be controlled

In a fast growing business, it's easy to get the shakes

To control cash flow

We have another Pillar of Growth

Cash Flow Reports – Weekly!

Anita never loses a wink of sleep

She always knows exactly what her bank balance looks like


The rest of the week

Next week

Next month

Anita’s turn a massive corner (Four months ago she wanted to give up and sell the business)

At our management meeting this week I asked her

“What’s changed”

Her reply was exactly what I thought it should be

Honestly, this very smart woman has got a real handle on this business -NOW!

Her reply

“I think having sales targets and weekly cash flow reports has given me the greatest level of control over my business, everything is just so much easier now”

Ahhh bless

What great insight she has

Everything she said is exactly what I strive for

Exactly what I wish for every business owner

Let's sum up - The Pillars of Controlled Growth

  • Set sales targets - there's a bit of an art to doing this but once you learn it OMG there'll be no stopping you
  • Report on you cash flow WEEKLY (not monthly like accountants suggest) - this is a minimum requirement to controlling your growth and something all my clients now do

This might sound like a lot of extra work but trust me it's not

It's really easy to do once you know how

Plus you'll sleep better knowing exactly where your monies at and how your business is tracking

If this has left you wanting more info

Let me make you an offer of help

You can book a free appointment with me

And together we'll review your cash flow strategies

In just 30 minutes we might unlock whole new areas of control for your business
It's free and I promise you I'll do NO SELLING

Just an honest look at your business and  some "plain English" feedback

Booking a session is easy

Just click here and get in touch

I look forward to meeting you soon


*BTW Anita went on to win ALL Three Categories 😃