Which Database (CRM) Software Is Best For My Business

The power of having a clean, up to date, database can't be overstated but what software should you use?

There's a huge number of database software in the market with different levels of efficiency and reliability. Comparing them side by side I look at them like this;

  1. Will it capture the customers details the way you want it to?
  2. What's the cost to operate it - not just software fees, but what will support and future upgrades cost?
  3. Can it really SCALE-UP?
  4. And lastly, is it easy to use?

Very few businesses invest in their databases... In fact, many have mistakenly thought of their accounting software as a database.

And fair enough too, it's a  popular storage place for customer info, as is PayPal, Outlook and EXCEL

Truth is though, none of these are databases or CRM's

CRM (Customer relationship management) refers to a broad category of apps and software designed to manage your customers info, monitor their buying trends, automate sales, and provide you with a powerful marketing tool.

CRM vs Email Systems.

A CRM, simply put is a tool for engaging with your customer.

There are email systems that are not necessarily CRM applications.

True, they can help you manage clients, provide support,  and maybe send marketing emails once in a while.

These apps include Aweber, iContact, VerticalResponse, Constant Contact as well as MailChimp

Also, there are CRM apps that are not Email Systems like Salesforce, Goldmine, Contactually, Apptivo, Insightly, SugarCRM, Zoho and campaignerCRM.

Ontraport CRM Software.

For my money, the most powerful and reliable CRM app for small and medium sized businesses is Ontraport.

I've tried heaps of others like mailchimp, ACT! Goldmine and Constant Contact - I'll never go back.

I love it, it's highly scalable and customisable. I can access all my customer insights, run my back-end analytics, streamline our customer comms, and build seamless lead funnels.

It also allows me to tag my customers so I don't keep sending them the same marketing material over again.

These same tags also tell me who's buying what and when - did I mention it also handles all my online transactions and credit card facilities?

Ontraport themselves are excellent at support.

But even better, there's a huge Facebook community of real people who actively help each other out.

Trust me, they're real lifesavers.

I'm just scratching the surface of what Ontraport can do.

My best advice is - if you're looking at doing something great for the future of your business then take a serious look at it (then jump in the deep end and sign up - you'll be glad you did)

Or you can book a demo here

Local Certified Consultant

If you're looking for the best advice on how to use Ontraport for your inbound marketing I recommend using a Certified Ontraport Consultant like Automation Central - Yeap that's one of my company's, we're Auckland based but there's no restriction on where you are as we've had clients from Tennessee to Christchruch and everywhere in between.

I'd be happy to discuss it with you so just drop me a line