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“What’s the difference between a business mentor and a business coach?”

Ok, so here’s how I’ve experienced it… Back in 2001, I had a business coach, I had a small business of around 3 or 4 staff and a small but profitable turnover.

My coach back then followed a process of setting goals and holding me accountable to them. And in time, it worked!

The business grew and became more profitable, then I sold it.

In my next business (ironically this was a business coaching business) I got a real, full on mentor.

Someone who’d been there, done that.

He had huge experience in taking over, fixing, growing and selling multi-million dollar businesses

This was where I really learnt the difference between business coaches and business mentors

Coaches are great for helping you set goals

Mentors teach you how to make it HAPPEN

Since that period, every business I’ve been involved with started turning around, profits were made and I’ve even had a few national and international brands spring up from my mentoring


“How does business mentoring work?”

Most businesses in New Zealand start by accident.

They start because people like you, the entrepreneur, had a skill or product and then someone came along who wanted to buy it from you.

Next thing you know, you’re in business and you probably don’t even have a business card yet!

That’s how I started, at the age of 19, fresh out of my apprenticeship with no idea how to run a business (that’s a whole other story)

Trouble is, there isn’t a course or training facility on this planet that can teach you how to run a business

It’s been my experience that they only person who can teach you how to run a business is a role model, a mentor who’ll show you how

My role is to mentor you into becoming a bloody good manager of your business and impart to you all the skills and knowledge that I have to do it successfully.

“My business is not very typical, will business mentoring work for me?”

Absolutely every business is different and yet I know from experience, there are core issues common to all.

Challenges such as how to attract and convert new prospects, convert leads into customers, build great systems, create a strong online presence, become a better leader, and be more productive with your time (to name just a very small sample) are issues that affect everyone.

I’ve mentored a range of business owners across a huge variety of industries. From micro businesses to businesses with more than 100 staff.

This includes all types of business contexts, from local, to national, online, offline and home businesses to name a few.

“I’ve been in business for 20 years, why should I have a business mentor?”

Let me ask you this, in twenty years, have you learnt everything there is to know about business?

Most people would have to reply NO.

So if there’s more to learn, can you benefit from learning it and if you can, how much can you your business benefit from you knowing a bunch of new stuff?

My oldest mentoring client, John Storr is 71 years of age and I’ll tell you what, he puts most 20-year-olds to shame.

His multi-site, multi-million dollar business still benefits from him (and his business partners) having me mentor them.

If mentoring works for someone like John, it can work for you too.

“What other businesses have you mentored?”

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, so I’ve got to think about it.

Some are now nationwide brands (Jet Cleaning, Alert Group and G.A.S to name a few) and others are small but profitable family businesses

There’s mechanics like Kelvin Armstrong from KAAR, plumbers like Ian McDermond of McDermond Plumbing

Then there’s importer distributing retailers like Geoff Smith and John Storr from Bolt Shop.

Also event hire businesses like Schupepe Tents owned by Pat Schuster and Va Lapepe or there’s furniture removers like Graeme Fatialofa who owns SubMovers

The list goes on and on (74 in total that I’ve mentored 1 on 1)

The only trend, if I can call it that, is that each of these people and all the other business owners that I’ve mentored wanted to get the best possible results from their business.

They are invested in it and they’re prepared to invest in themselves too

Are you ready to invest in you?

“How much is business mentoring?”

A better question is how big a RETURN can you get from business mentoring?

I have a range of programmes from online group mentoring to 1 on 1 business mentoring

These will suit a range of needs and cash flow requirements

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