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In Business I Love To F.U.C.C. Everyone

Hey Matt here

Ok, so I normally tell stories about my favourite client successes

Today’s a little different

‘Cause I want everyone to experience more cash cycling through their business

Surplus Cash… Surplus after all the bills are paid

I encourage you to do something you probably hate doing

(Maybe you tell yourself you hate it – we all know if we say it enough it becomes true right! *Read this statement again after reading this whole blog)

By doing “it”, you’ll release the flood gates and fill your bank account

A profit avalanche is within your grasp
It’s right smack in front of you

It’s just there’s a road block in the way

A road block called F.U.C.
Not the naughty word!!!
F.U.C stands for Following Up Customers

Most people are too chicken to do it

Or if they do F.U.C… They just F.U.C once or twice

They stop too soon

It’s the biggest obstacles preventing cash flowing into your account

Ask yourself “who’s in front of me, right now, that I should F.U.C today?”


Who’s been in business for any length of time

Will have people they can email, phone or meet

To convert into paying customers

Look at who’s in front of you right now

Call them

Organise a meeting

I promise you

You’ll make more money and increase your cash flow

BUT – Don’t Just Stop There

Embrace the next level and F.U.C.C (Follow Up Customers Constantly)

Follow up again and again and again

80% of all my best 6-figure sales happen when I F.U.C.C… MORE THAN 5 times

F.U.C.C is enormously effective

You’ll build deeper relationships

Develop trust

And gently lead your prospect to a purchasing decision.

You can get as much as twenty times the sales if you constantly following up.

You owe it to yourself to follow up…

And you owe it to your customer

Keep F.U.C.C everyday

In a nurturing way

Be respectful

Don’t be pushy, be the real genuine YOU

It’ll make a profound difference to your ability to convert people into being your best’st, favorit’st and most loyal’st customers

Practice and perfect this

You’ll never regret it


Let me ask you a favour

After you’ve followed up

Let me know how you got on

Flick me an email

I really want to know how F.U.C.C has worked for you

Can’t wait to hear from you


*Read that statement again and change “I hate it” to “I love F.U.C.C” 😉