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Pieday Friday – How a pie makes $8,000 extra cashflow for this Kiwi business

I love anything that adds cashflow to my bank account

Especially simple ideas like this one

Today is April Fools Day, and on this day one Kiwi business is laughing all the way to the bank

Enough, I’ll let the video to the talking

Ok so maybe pies won’t work for your business (or maybe they will… feel free to steal the idea)

But you need an idea – a great idea to drive fresh cashflow into your business

It’s time to get to work and brainstorm your version of Pieday Friday

Here’s how I brainstorm ideas

I believe that our minds are an endless resource of ideas

Your great Pieday Friday idea is hidden in there somewhere

But sometimes our brains need a bit of re-training – to kick start the ideas flowing again.

Here it is

I commit to writing down 10 ideas every day for 7 days

You’ll be amazed at what crazy cashflow ideas your mind will come up with in 7 days time

The key is to get started on brainstorming

And have the courage to give your crazy ideas a go

Then measure the results

If they’re good results – keep doing it

If they’re Great Results – DO IT MORE

Lastly, keep it simple, and have fun – cashflow always increases when you’re having fun.