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Here's the best of what I've learnt in my 30 year journey from tradie to advising business owners with revenues over $388 million 
Here's the best of what I've learnt in my 30 year journey from tradie to advising business owners with revenues over $388 million 
How I went from tradie to advising business owners with over $380 million turnover
First, let me roll back in time and tell you how we got to here. 

In the summer of 2014 I decided to sit down and write my first book. My topic... Everything I wish I'd been told when I first started my business career at the age of 20. To be more precise everything I WISH I'd been told about cash flow. 

Back when I was in my 20's I thought my single Biggest Challenge was how to run a business... As a young tradie no one had ever shown me how it's done. What I didn't know then, was that my biggest challenge was actually cash flow!

Every day I was faced with high-stress decisions to make. I was banking big cheques, paying huge wage bills and supplier accounts seemed to keep piling up. My cash was draining out faster than the click of a finger.
My bank account looked like the tide was always out
And when the tide came in - it was gone again in a flash. I was heart broken. It was so damn hard to figure out what I was doing was wrong. So what changed for me?

I was lucky enough to find someone who wanted to mentor me (I've since discovered that the only way to really learn about business is from a mentor). This mentor was someone who taught me what no one else was able or willing to teach.  They guided me in the right direction and helped me make better decisions. And after a while, my business became very successful (and profitable).

Fast forward to the summer of 2014, I myself had come a long way in business and had been mentoring others for a few years. Along the way, I've helped a select few clients grow their revenues to over $388,412,000.00. So I thought it was time to share my knowledge - it was time to write my book.

I sat down and filled a few pages with everything I'd learnt about cash flow plus some other stuff in business that works. Then I got it published and called it Profit Secrets Revealed - I added a cheeky little sub-title "Profit from knowing what your accountant knows... but doesn't tell you." And I'd love you to have a copy
So here's the deal.
To add more value and profits to your business, when you order your copy of Profit Secrets Revealed - I'll automatically upgrade you to VIP Customer. As a VIP you'll get Instant Access to my Private Vault of Profit Secrets videos valued at $197 but FREE with your copy of Profit Secrets Revealed. Order your copy for $24.95 (that's Kiwi dollars BTW)
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Ordering your copy is really simple - just click on the button below and fill in your details and we'll get a copy to you straight away.

Hope you enjoy reading it!
Make Lasting, Profitable Changes to Your Cash Flow in 3 Steps
Profit Secrets
Learn all my swipes and cheats to quickly calculate margins, budgets and profits
48 power tips to cut costs and increase profits
Discover your #1 profit killer
Cut through confusing accounting jargon and make more money
The BEST CHEAT EVER... How to make a budget in less than 20 minutes
Conversion Secrets
Six Sure Fire Strategies to get your customers to pay you more
How to find & focus on "low hanging fruit" to maximise your marketing to sales cost
My super quick way to set sales targets in under five minute
Swipe File - Use my Plan of Action template to replace your old quotes and out convert your competition 10-to-1 at the highest priced bid
Cash Flow Secrets
How to overcome resistance to PRICE! Even in the most competitive markets
Which KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) will dramatically lift your PROFITS and CASH FLOW
Discover the hidden reports in your computer system which can tell you more about your cash flow and profits than any others
BONUS SWIPE FILE - Matt's Debt Collection Blueprint
From Start Ups To Multi-Million Dollar Business... Everyone Who's Read It - Loved It! 
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Get Your Instant All Access Pass To Matt's Private Vault Of Profit Secrets Videos (Valued at $197 - Yours FREE With Your Copy Of Profit Secrets Revealed)
Rule of 5-3-1
Follow my rule of 5-3-1 so you can measure potential increases in your profits and cash flow...
Low Hanging Fruit
Focus all your attention on 'picking low hanging fruit' to grow your cash flow this month
My #2 Formula
Dramatically grow your sales using this simple formula to set goals with all your sales team
The 10% Rule
One simple thing you can do to add 25% more cash into your bank account (or more!)
I've included a selection of valuable templates for you to download with my videos, these are normally only available to my one-to-one clients but will be yours to use and keep when you buy my book and watch the videos.
From Start Ups To Multi-Million Dollar Business... Everyone Who's Read It - Loved It! 
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