Remember my last blog?

When I told you about Ray the Mechanic...

AND my moment of embarrassment!

When he bounded up to me saying "Sole, your book it's like a bible..."

(Rays a cool Samoan guy so being called sole "bro" was an honour)

I got to thinking about it

If my books like a bible to Ray

And it's helped him make over $9,000.00 every month, with just one strategy!

What was "The Verse" that made a massive impact on his business?

So I called Ray

"Uso, (Samoan slang for brother) what did you read that made such a big change for you?"

Turns out it was one little chapter...

Chapter 4 - its only 5 pages long (including pictures and diagrams)

It's called Mark Up vs Margin

This one chapter showed him how to price his product CORRECTLY

With clear, easy to follow "How To" instructions

All Ray needed was a calculator and his new found knowledge

A short time later he reworked his profit margin

Now he's making more money

The best part is...

None of his customers complained!

Naturally, he was a bit worried about this

But nope, they're all good

He's happy, they're happy, I'm happy (and I'm over my embarrassment)... everyone's happy

Now it's your turn to be happy

And make more profit from your business

Learn what Ray learnt

It's really easy to follow (promise)

Get yourself a copy


Tell me which "verse" transformed your business

Maybe you'll be the next Ray and make $9,000 extra cash flow... Maybe more...
I'm looking forward to hearing your story

Get Your Copy HERE

All the best

PS Remember to email me with your story (or if you've got a question I'm here to help too)


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