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“It’s like a bible… I keep it in my car so I have it everywhere with me!”

Is it just me… or is this weird opening line to a blog?

Let me explain

The other day, I ran into Ray from Autobahn, Grey Lynn and these were his exact words

“Your book, I’ve read it over and over, it’s like a bible… there’s so much in it, it’s full of stuff no ones told me before”

I’ve got to admit I felt a bit embarrassed when Ray called my book a bible

But I got what he meant by it

And I’m pretty stoked that he’s gotten so much value out of it

The more we talked the more I found out which of my Profit Secrets he’s picked up from the book

Ray’s worked out that using just one of my strategies he can make an extra $9,000.00 profit every month 

That’s huge

Even bigger is knowing that it’s a small business

With just him and one other staff member

So $9,000.00 each month is massive

A Beautiful Big Chunky, 6-FIGURE Sum Every Year

YAHOO! (I should say CHAHOO for Samoan’s like Ray)

I’m absolutely stoked for him

And I want more people to make an extra nine grand… or even more

The “how to” is all in my book

Unlike the bible, it’s not a massive tome

There’s only a 100 or so pages

But you can read it like the bible… just a bit at a time

Taking what you need and profiting from it – its an easy read (promise)

I’d love you to have a copy too

Maybe you can be the next Ray and give your business a big profit boost

Check it out here

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All the best

PS if you’ve got any questions about boosting your profits and cash flow just hit me up with an email